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Reopening Information

I am going to move CAUTIOUSLY and SLOWLY in reopening. I pay very close attention to all information about the pandemic and as states on the East Coast and Sun Belt reopen, there has been a second spike in cases nearly immediately. As the owner-operator of the shop, I simply cannot afford to put myself or any employees at risk of contracting the virus, so I will be implementing strict safety protocol and opening much slower than Alameda County is clearing us for. 

For now, I will continue offering curbside pickup indefinitely as well as a continued flexible return policy. When I am in the shop during curbside hours, I will play it by ear and possibly begin letting folks in to browse, but not try anything on, beginning June 20.

Beginning July 9, I will begin scheduling fitting room appointments. You can begin booking now. Reserving time requires a nonrefundable $25 charge which is immediately issued to your account as store credit to apply to your final purchase. 

Head to our online booking platform to reserve your time.