Covid-19 Updates

On March 17, 2020, Alameda County issued a shelter in place ordinance which required us to close our brick and mortar to the public, and we continue to follow all local, state, and federal guidelines in regard to covid-19.

JULY 3, 2020 UPDATE:

Numbers in Alameda County are currently the highest in the Bay Area and climbing, so the county has paused reopening. While the ordinances do not move us back from retail shopping yet, it is possible if not likely that we will move back to Phase 1 if we don't flatten the new curve. Private shopping appointments are still set to begin July 9. Please go to the PRIVATE APPOINTMENT page for more information!


JUNE 18, 2020 UPDATE:

I am going to move CAUTIOUSLY and SLOWLY in reopening. I pay very close attention to all information about the pandemic and as states on the East Coast and Sun Belt reopen, there has been a second spike in cases nearly immediately. As the owner-operator of the shop, I simply cannot afford to put myself or any employees at risk of contracting the virus, so I will be implementing strict safety protocol and opening much slower than Alameda County is clearing us for.

For now, I will continue offering curbside pickup indefinitely as well as a continued flexible return policy. When I am in the shop during curbside hours, I will play it by ear and possibly begin letting folks in to browse, but not try anything on, beginning June 20.

In-person Denim fittings will begin BY APPOINTMENT ONLY July 9! To learn more about booking your denim fit appointment, head to our fit consultation page.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Please reach out via email if you have any questions.



MAY 26, 2020 UPDATE: 


We are doing our best to keep our prices the same as our vendors' prices, as many brands have put things on sale. If you see something listed on our site that is available and in stock on the brand's site at a lower cost, we will match the price. Just send us a link to the item to confirm. Item must be ON SALE, not part of a temporary sitewide discount or coupon code, and must be IN STOCK on the brand’s direct to consumer site in your size to qualify. Prices from third party sites such as amazon or shopbop will not be matched. 


May 18, 2020, we are now cleared by the county to begin moving into Phase 2 of reopening and offer pick up at our brick and mortar shop.

For orders in Oakland and the surrounding SF Bay area, simply place your order and choose pickup as your shipping option. When your order has been fulfilled, you will get an email and you may then come pick up your order.

Our current pickup hours are Wednesday through Saturday 12pm to 4pm.  

We appreciate you walking up to the door and knocking, but if you can't find parking, call us and we can run it out to your car.

Phase 2 of reopening does NOT allow you to enter the shop or use the dressing rooms. We cannot provide private shopping appointments or browsing of any kind inside the shop.   We ask you to understand these measures are beyond our control and asking us to make exceptions for you, though we appreciate your support and desire to shop with us, is actually really stressful for us so please don't do it. We have updated our return policy while our dressing rooms are unavailable and now allow refunds on full price items and exchanges or store credit on sale items. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to make a return, all other return policy details remain the same.

Note, in order to ensure safety, if clothes ARE returned to us, we keep them separate from the rest of our inventory, in disposable paper packaging. These items are set aside for at least 2 weeks and not made available for sale or try on for anyone else. We are waiting on hospital grade fabric sanitizer to run tests to make sure we can sanitize our inventory without damaging it moving forward.

The best way to support our shop and make sure we're here for you when things go back to "normal" is to keep shopping with us online, regardless of what phase of reopening we are in.

We have done a TON of work to get our website moved to a new host and to keep it updated so our inventory is available to you online and installed a chat feature where you can reach us, in real time, for help. We know it isn't the same, but it's been fairly successful so far.

Virtual fit appointments are also now LIVE!!! Check them out here!!!

We want you to think of this website the same way you think of the shop, when you come here, say hi to us. Ask us anything. Talk about your favorite TV show or what new recipes you're trying during lockdown. We're still here, the same people you see in the shop, and we'd love to stay in touch.