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We’re Back!

With our brick and mortar doors closed due to COVID-19, we are adjusting to a new business model that puts our online shop front and center. We have always had an online shop, but its never been where we put our energy. It is so distant and impersonal... so far from what we do with our in our brick and mortar where we get to talk to you and see how things fit on you. It's been a challenge to figure out how we can continue to provide our fit consultations and our usual level of service to you, and we've been working really hard, but this website is still a work in progress.

I'll be honest, it will probably always be a little janky and I'm not going to pretend like we can be as smooth and savvy as bigger online retailers, but my hope is that we can make this stop online as friendly and personal as we have made our shop here in Oakland.

To my community of customers, friends, neighbors, and small business colleagues, near and far, thank you for the messages, the orders, the gift cards, the good vibes, the shout outs online and for checking in and just being awesome during this weird and challenging time. With your support, I know we are going to come back from this better than we were before. For 2 months, it's been just me trying to juggle am thrilled to be able to have hired Eden back and the two of us are going to be here for you, ready to help! We really really hope to get Annie back soon too and the more we work to get things moving, the closer we are to having everyone back to work, keeping our little spot thriving.

Over the next several weeks, we will be continuing to list inventory and adding features to this site such as a live chat agent so you can still get our advice as you shop! Keep a look out for that and in the mean time, PLEASE reach out via email or dm on instagram any time! I am here for your questions and happy to help you any way I can.

While you’re here why not register your customer account and get your wishlist started? That’s one of our new features I’m most excited about!

See you soon!




IG @denim_wizard