About Us

What We Do

Our highly qualified staff is trained to assist every customer in finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans. We offer free one-on-one fit consultations as well as free hemming to make the fit work even better.
We carry a wide range of styles and sizes, including plus sizes and some extra long inseams up to 36"
We pride ourselves on creating an open and welcoming environment and are committed to body-positivity.
We are open to everyone on the gender spectrum and are fiercely committed to creating an inclusive environment.
We want you to be comfortable here and we look forward to seeing you next time you need some jeans!

Who We Are & How We Started

Maple Street Denim was founded in 2014 by Julie Harleman, after over 12 years working as a buyer and manager at a speciality shop that focused on both vintage and new denim.

With a vast knowledge of denim history and over a decade of working with customers, Julie saw a need for a different kind of shop, one where customer service and expert fitting with well made clothing and classic styling ruled over quick trends and fast fashion. 

"When I had the opportunity to open my own store, I knew wanted to create a place where people would really like to be," says Julie.  "I chose to name it after the street that my late father grew up on as an homage to him and because it has a familiar and comfortable feel. I am unbelievably lucky that I get to have a job where I can talk to people and connect with my customers every day.  I truly love helping people feel good about themselves!"


Julie has been a denim wizard since 2002. She originally hails from St Louis, MO but has lived in Oakland for more than half her life. She's our CEO, creative director, accountant, human resources chair, merchandising pro and all around head denim honcho. 

In early 2017, Julie wooed fellow Missouri transplant Eden-Marcel Swoope from their job at a cafe in the neighborhood to join the team at MSD. Eden manages the shop, styles our photos and mannequins, is our resident Nudie Jeans ambassador, and all around amazing angel baby.